What are the characteristics of LED high bay light products?

Update:09 Nov 2020

Part of the illuminator is a kind of luminaire that imp […]

Part of the illuminator is a kind of luminaire that improves the illuminance of a certain working part. Its function can be to strengthen and supplement the lighting on the basis of general lighting, or it can be used as temporary lighting in places where lighting is not usually required (such as equipment maintenance and maintenance sites). Most of them have no strict regulations on light dispersion.

Some lighting lamps are generally installed near the work area, using incandescent lamps and halogen lamps with safe extra-low voltage (≤50V, AC useful value) as the light source. There are (hand-held) running lights, hanging lights, work desk lights, machine tool work lights, etc. In some huge workshops, sometimes floodlights are used for partial lighting.

LED high bay light product features

"Heat dissipation skills: The use of pure aluminum alloy as the LED radiator greatly reduces the operating temperature of the LED light source, ensuring the stability and long life of the lamp; the lamp body temperature is guaranteed to be within 65 degrees.

Light decay: 6% of luminous decay after 6,000 hours of consecutive lighting.

It is equivalent to the brightness of a general 400W high pressure sodium lamp.

The lamp life is up to 30,000 hours.

Installation: Ceiling type, hoisting type, etc. installation methods.

Good color rendering, various light colors are available, which can meet the needs of different environments. "