What are the characteristics of lithium batteries used in explosion-proof headlamp

Update:14 Oct 2020

Explosion proof battery is a new type of battery produc […]

Explosion proof battery is a new type of battery product, which is made of high safety coefficient material, which can effectively curb the explosion of battery. The safety characteristic of explosion-proof battery is its characteristic.
Product characteristics
1. High quality, high quality and high capacity. Real scale split volume structure, more stable performance. Real scale split volume structure, more stable performance. Compact protective film on the core level. Low internal resistance, no memory effect.
2. IC high protection: imported IC integrated circuit. More precise. 4.25 (+ / - 0.5) trigger point protection, more accurate and super circuit protection function, anti overcharge. Prevent over discharge, over current and short circuit.

3. Special explosion-proof line: special explosion-proof line, when the internal pressure reaches a certain value, the battery will automatically deflate. Anti high temperature, anti high pressure, anti gas leakage performance is more than standard: more solid: low temperature injection molding process, large battery capacity and stronger. High and low temperature resistance: through 72 hours - 20 degrees to 60 degrees high and low stability detection.
4. Shock resistance: it has passed the 1 m 6 ground drop test.
Battery maintenance knowledge:
1. Don't wait for the battery to run out before charging. Unlike ordinary batteries, it is not conducive to the health of lithium batteries to charge them after they are used up. If the batteries are exhausted, they may not be recharged again;
2. Don't put the lithium battery in the place with high temperature. The lithium battery prefers the place with low temperature;
3. Summary of charging mode: short discharge and short charge durability (charging infrequently, but rush if you want to
4. When the power drops to 10% ~ 20%, it is the time to charge;
5. Use a high quality special lithium battery charger with protection function.
It is wrong to pursue the use of lithium batteries in automatic shutdown.