What are the main categories of led lights

Update:26 Jan 2022

The invention of lighting is a great progress in societ […]

The invention of lighting is a great progress in society, which facilitates our lives. Led lighting is one of the categories of lighting, and it has advantages that are hard to give up. What parts are LED lights made of? If asked why you choose led lights, can you name a few?

First, the advantages of led lighting

1. High energy saving

Led lights are super energy-saving and pollution-free. Because they are DC driven, their power consumption is ultra-low (only 0.03-0.06 watts for a single tube), and the switching of electro-optical power is close to 100%, which is better than the same lighting effect. Compared with the traditional light source, it can save energy by more than 80%.

2. Long life

The light-emitting diode light source is also called a longevity lamp, which means a lamp that will not be ignited. Because it is a liquid cold light source and is encapsulated by epoxy resin, there is no loose part in the lamp body, like what kind of filament flashes and burns easily. , light decay and other shortcomings do not exist, can be used for up to 6 to 100,000 hours, more than 10 times longer than traditional light sources.

3. Changeable

The light-emitting diode light source uses the principle of the three primary colors of red, green and basket. Under the control of computer technology, it can generate 256×256×256=16777216 colors, which can form a variety of different colors and colorful dynamic changes. .

4. Environmental protection

The environmental protection of the Led light source is also very good. Its spectrum has neither ultraviolet and infrared rays, nor heat, nor any electromagnetic radiation. It can be recycled and safely touched. It is a typical ultra-green light source.

2. What are the main categories of led lights?

1. LED chip

A good LED lamp definitely has a good LED chip, which not only has high luminous efficiency, low temperature rise, but also has a high color rendering index and is antistatic.

2. Constant current isolated power supply

Whether the power supply can withstand high temperature and high humidity, whether it can exceed the high voltage safety regulations, and whether it can be electromagnetically compatible is a rigid indicator of LED lights, and it also requires the service life of LED lights in the future.

3. Radiator

Although the LED is a cold light source, it also needs a fan. If the LED lamp is no longer equipped with a high-quality radiator, its service life is not as good as that of the ordinary lighting lamp, because it is easier to light decay, so a good LED lamp must be Have a good quality radiator.

4. Lampshade

The lampshade can be said to be the secondary light distribution of LED lighting. Today, there are many types and styles of lampshades, including translucent lampshades, frosted lampshades, and light-spreading lampshades. Very dazzling.

It can be seen that led lighting is what we often call led lights, with high energy saving, long life, changeable, and strong environmental protection. Although it seems simple, it is actually composed of multiple components, each of which plays a role in their respective roles. If a fault occurs during use, it can be eliminated one by one according to the function of the components.