What is the color temperature of LED floodlights

Update:20 Mar 2020

Generally speaking, 6800k is white light partial blue, […]

Generally speaking, 6800k is white light partial blue, and color temperature is an indicator of white light color. 2700k is the warm color light is reddish. The middle 5600k4700k is between the two.
In fact, the color temperature of LED floodlight is the same as that of ordinary LED lighting products. Generally speaking, it can be divided into 2700-3200k warm white, 4000-4500k neutral white, 6000-6500k cold white (some are called positive white)
A standard blackbody is heated and expressed as absolute temperature K. When the temperature rises to a certain level, the color begins to change from dark red light red orange white blue. When the color of a light source is the same as that of blackbody, the absolute temperature of blackbody at that time is called the color temperature of the light source.
It shows that the light color and color temperature emitted by LED is a kind of measurement method. And the information can be quantified on the LED data table. The specific LED color temperature will be specified in a certain range, which can be measured by a special instrument, and the unit is T.
Red and blue. Different color temperature shows different colors. Let's simply say the color LED displays in (take white for example). It also shows pure white.
Any glowing and heating object has color temperature. The English language of color temperature is color temperature. Not only led. In fact, it uses temperature as a contrast. For example, when the temperature is high, red like fire is warm color, and when the temperature is low, blue like ice is cold color. However, the value of color temperature is opposite to that of cold and warm. The lower the color temperature, the yellow is warm color. The higher the color temperature, the blue is cold color