What is the emergency lighting products

Update:26 May 2020

When we encounter power failure in public places, we ca […]

When we encounter power failure in public places, we can always see that there is a kind of tableware will be on, that kind of light is emergency lighting, which can automatically switch power supply when power failure, and provide emergency lighting for people. When necessary, it is also our life-saving lamp, indicating the right and safe road for us. So, do you know what kinds of emergency lighting products are available? Does emergency lighting meet national safety standards? So what is the price of emergency lighting? Let's learn about emergency lighting.
Brief introduction of strain lighting
Emergency lighting refers to the tableware for emergency lighting. Strain lighting appliances are generally divided into portable strain lighting, fire-fighting strain lighting, energy-saving strain lighting, supply strain lighting, underwater strain lighting, rechargeable strain lighting, solar energy strain lighting, multi-functional strain lighting and other types. They play different important roles in our lives and are indispensable tools for modern safety assurance.
Function and composition of emergency lighting
Emergency lighting function
Evacuation emergency lighting and sign lights, collectively referred to as fire emergency lighting, are an important product required in fire safety measures. At ordinary times, it needs to provide lighting like ordinary tableware. In case of emergency, such as earthquake, fire or sudden interruption of power supply caused by channel failure, all radiation sources have stopped working. At this time, it must immediately provide reliable lighting, and indicate the direction of people evacuation and the location of emergency exit, so as to ensure the smooth evacuation of people stranded in the dark. It can be seen that the emergency light is a kind of radiation source to keep lighting and guide evacuation in emergency.

Strain lighting consists of wave source, power driver, rectifier, inverter, battery, sign lamp shell and other parts. At ordinary times, the municipal power 220 V drives the power supply for normal lighting through the radiation source driver, and at the same time replenishes the battery power through the rectifier. Even when the lighting is turned off after work, the rectifier is still in the state of charging, so as to keep the battery in full combat readiness. In case of emergency, when the power supply stops suddenly, the inverter will automatically start the inverter pipeline, convert the low-voltage power of the battery into high-voltage power, and drive the power supply to continue lighting.