What is the name of the strong light in the construction site

Update:18 May 2020

On some construction sites, you can see a very bright a […]

On some construction sites, you can see a very bright and strong white light at night. Do you know what it is called?

If it is a relatively small one, which is generally not hung at a high place, its power is mostly 1kW, although the light emitted is very strong, but it is the same light color as the ordinary incandescent lamp, it is called "iodine tungsten lamp", which is commonly known as "small sun" lamp, using a single-phase power supply with a voltage of 220V; if it is installed at a high place, such as on a tower crane or other high places, the light outside is square shell , the light is very bright, and the light color is relatively white (sometimes a little bit green). Then this kind of lamp is generally called "dysprosium lamp", which belongs to the category of gas discharge lamp. The power is generally 1kW and 3.5kw, and the power supply is mostly 380V two-phase line.


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