What steps need to be done to use and maintain the movable LED work light correctly

Update:01 Feb 2021

The first point: the use environment: the control of th […]

The first point: the use environment: the control of the use environment is very important for work lights. Each type of lamp has a different induction to the outside world. For work lights, try to keep the temperature within the normal range. In this way, it can exert its greater effect as much as possible, and it is also recommended to avoid unnecessary losses caused by such external factors.

   Second point: Installation method: Use the correct method to install the work light. The so-called correct installation is actually a comprehensive consideration. First of all, it is necessary to consider whether the lighting range can meet the lighting needs, and install the work light in a suitable position; secondly, the force condition of the installation form and the reasonable distribution of lines must be considered. In addition, if the installation is not good, the remaining progress will also be greatly affected.

   Third point: Cleaning and maintenance: Necessary cleaning is an important part of maintenance, which includes reasonable wiping, internal circuit detection, and reasonable replacement of circuit switches. These are reasonable prerequisites to ensure that the normal operation can be maintained as much as possible.

   In fact, the maintenance cost is very low. Especially, there is almost no need for maintenance. It only needs to be installed correctly, wipe it regularly, and check whether the circuit and switch are normal. And now many of the protection levels are as high as IP65, which can meet the requirements of normal use in extremely harsh environments. As long as the switch and circuit are regularly wiped and checked, it can exert a greater effect, and even extend the service life to 10 Years, the service life of up to 50,000 hours is almost equivalent to the service life of the mechanical equipment itself, which can be called a "special lamp" in the true sense.