What to do if the LED lamp corrodes

Update:21 Feb 2022

The reliability of LED tri-proof lights is one of the m […]

The reliability of LED tri-proof lights is one of the most important indicators to measure the life of LED products. The average LED product will continue to operate even under most different conditions. However, once the LED is corroded, the chemical reaction of the LED luminaire with the surrounding environment will reduce the functionality of the LED product. In order to prevent the LEDs from being corroded, the best way is to keep the LEDs away from harmful substances. Even small amounts of harmful substances can cause LED corrosion. Even if the LED is only in contact with corrosive gases during processing, such as machines on a production line, adverse effects can occur. In these cases, damage to the LED assembly can often be observed before system setup. In particular, sulfur pollution should be prevented.

If these harmful substances cannot be completely prevented, LEDs with higher corrosion resistance should be used. However, remember - the effect of inhibiting corrosion depends on the concentration of harmful substances. Exposure to these LED materials should be minimized even if more used LED lighting is selected.

Often, heat, humidity and light can accelerate the corrosion process. However, the most important influencing factors remain the concentration levels of harmful substances and slow temperatures. Limiting both will be the most important way to protect LED lighting fixtures.