What to pay attention to in kitchen lighting

Update:15 Jul 2021

1. Brightness The brightness of the lighting fixtures i […]

1. Brightness
The brightness of the lighting fixtures in the kitchen should be moderate. The over-bright fixtures heat up and are easily damaged. The over-dark fixtures are not convenient for various operations and are prone to accidents. It is recommended to choose a flat panel light with moderate brightness and a combination of several local auxiliary lighting fixtures to provide lighting for the kitchen.
2. Moisture-proof
The water vapor in the kitchen is relatively large. Choose a lamp with moisture-proof function to prevent the lamp from exploding due to too much water vapor.
Three, anti-oil
The problem of oil fume in the kitchen has always been a hurdle that cannot be bypassed. Although you can choose a range hood with a large air volume, the problem of oil fume cannot be completely solved. Choose lamps with certain anti-oil performance and clean the lamps regularly.
Kitchen lighting
Fourth, the number of lamps
It is recommended that the kitchen be equipped with independent lighting fixtures in the vegetable washing area, vegetable cutting area, and cooking area, plus a flat panel lamp on the ceiling, and four lamps in the kitchen to ensure the convenience and safety of various operations.
5. Types of lamps
In the current lighting market, there are many types of lamps used in the kitchen. The purchase can be determined according to the size of the kitchen area. It can be used with multi-head, single-head, wall lamps, panel lamps, etc., and even cabinet lamps can be installed in the cabinet. It is not recommended to use LED lights in the kitchen. The light is relatively weak and can be used for local lighting. Choose white light for lamps, and the lighting effect is better than warm light.
Kitchen lighting
Six, safety
When installing kitchen lamps, keep them away from the stove as much as possible to avoid direct contamination of the lamps by gas and water vapor. It is strongly recommended to install range hoods and exhaust fans to discharge the cooking fume in time to reduce the impact on the lamps.
Seven, maintenance of lamps and lanterns
When the gas is burned, acid gases such as sulfur dioxide are produced, and water vapor is added to corrosive metal products. Usually, it is necessary to develop the habit of frequently wiping the lamp housing, which can extend the service life of the lamp.