Where are LED explosion-proof lights generally used

Update:11 Mar 2022

Explosion-proof light LED explosion-proof light, as the […]

Explosion-proof light LED explosion-proof light, as the name suggests, refers to a special lighting fixture that prevents the electric fire generated inside ordinary lamps from igniting flammable and explosive gases in dangerous places. Compared with ordinary lamps, explosion-proof lamps are safer and suitable for more places. After all, safety production is the first place for dangerous office places.

The external protective material of the 70WLED explosion-proof lamp is made of reinforced aluminum material and tempered glass, which can achieve the best protective effect when combined together, and truly is not afraid of corrosion and impact. At the same time, explosion-proof lights are not much different from ordinary furniture in terms of installation size, etc., such as ceiling lamps, street lamps, hanging on the wall, and embedded explosion-proof lamps. From the perspective of installation, it is also very convenient. You can install it yourself by looking at the manual, and you do not need professionals to guide the installation. In this way, LED explosion-proof lights are also more convenient for future maintenance and repairs. .

After talking about the external protective materials, styles and installation methods of explosion-proof lamps, let's talk about the applicable places of explosion-proof lamps and the protective effects that can be achieved. Since the style of the explosion-proof lamp determines that it can be used in any dangerous production place, the anti-corrosion, waterproof and dustproof effect of the explosion-proof lamp must also keep up, otherwise it is only to prevent explosion in the literal sense, and it cannot adapt to more place, the practicality will be greatly reduced.

70WLED explosion-proof lights can be used in liquefied gas stations, chemical plants, paint spray booths, polishing and grinding workshops, car wheel polishing workshops, coal washing plants, waste-to-energy plants and other places. Then its corrosion resistance has also reached the highest standard, and it can withstand the erosion of strong acids and alkalis and all corrosive gases, liquids and solids, without affecting production safety. At the same time, when washing and dusting the explosion-proof lamp, you can rest assured that the LED explosion-proof lamp can be directly washed with a water pipe or wiped with a rag, and there will be no dust or sewage entering the inside of the explosion-proof lamp. However, during installation, The wiring port must be twisted well.

So are explosion-proof lights only suitable for small places? The answer is naturally no, because explosion-proof lamps have a variety of powers and configurations that adapt to various voltages, such as 80W, 100W, 120W, 140W, 150W, 160W, 180W, 200W and 12V, 24V, 36V, 110V, 127V, 220V, There are corresponding explosion-proof lamps to choose from. Hazardous production sites are where safety protection must be done, and also where explosion-proof lights come into play. The LED explosion-proof light panel model is suitable for harmony, beauty and generosity.