Where is the solid-state miniature strong light explosion-proof flashlight used

Update:02 Nov 2020

Where is the solid-state micro strong light explosion-p […]

Where is the solid-state micro strong light explosion-proof flashlight applicable
Place of use:
The solid-state miniature strong light explosion-proof flashlight is used in fire-fighting, army, petrochemical, oil field, mine, electric power and other inflammable and explosive places and other working sites to provide mobile lighting, and can also be used for signal communication and direction display.
Performance features:
1. Fully sealed design, water immersion test; high hardness alloy shell, and drop resistance up to 1 meter height does not affect the function; high temperature resistance, high humidity performance, can be used in various harsh environmental conditions
2. The explosion-proof flashlight has three switch, strong light, weak light and explosion flash. The explosion flash function can send signals to people hundreds of meters away to inform the other party of their location information, which plays a very good role in rescue at night.

3. Various installation methods, small size, easy to carry, wearing clip buckle; can be clamped on the brim of safety helmet, can be rotated, convenient for lighting.
4. In front of our "solid state" and "explosion-proof" certificate, we are more convincing in our customers.
Basic maintenance:
1. Do not disassemble or charge lamps in dangerous places!
2. After use, wipe the water stains and stains on the lamps in time to keep the lamps clean.
3. For the first use, the battery should be discharged first and then charged for more than 8 hours.
4. Charge in time after each use.
5. If it is not used for a long time, it is better to add about 6 hours every six months.
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