Which is better than the traditional energy-saving lamp

Update:21 Jun 2019

Which is better than the traditional energy-saving lamp […]

Which is better than the traditional energy-saving lamp?
Answer: LED lights are better.
The main reasons are as follows:
I. Energy Conservation
The energy consumption of LED is 25% of that of energy-saving lamp, because ordinary energy-saving lamp still consumes part of the energy to convert into heat energy, while LED lamp does not have this problem.
2. Longer life span
The service life of LED lamp is longer. The service life of qualified LED lamp can reach 10,000 to 20,000 hours, while that of the same energy-saving lamp is between 60,000 and 10,000 hours. In addition, if the energy-saving lamp is switched on and off frequently, its service life will be greatly reduced.
3. Green Environmental Protection
Mercury is one of the indispensable luminescent materials for energy-saving lamps. With the increase of using time, the sealing of energy-saving lamps will appear cracks, and Mercury will volatilize into the air, causing pollution to the air. The LED lamp has no such problem at all. It is safe and environmentally friendly to use. The anti-seismic and lightning performance of LED lamp is much better than that of energy-saving lamp. The influence of continuous switch caused by voltage instability on LED lamp is much less than that of energy-saving lamp.
However, at present, one of the major obstacles to the promotion of LED lamps is that the price is too expensive. For ordinary users, service life, energy saving and environmental protection can not be observed intuitively after all, only the price can be perceived intuitively. However, considering the advantages of the above-mentioned LED lights, the installation cost is acceptable. After all, the service life is so long, and stability is not easy to damage. In the long run, it is absolutely more cost-effective than buying energy-saving lamps.