Why do people in the petroleum industry love LED explosion-proof flashlights

Update:04 Jun 2021

LED explosion-proof strong light flashlight refers to a […]

LED explosion-proof strong light flashlight refers to a strong light flashlight that uses LED as an explosion-proof light source. Its purpose is to prevent the surrounding explosive gas environment, explosive dust environment, gas and other explosive mixtures, and use explosion-proof or intrinsically safe explosion-proof lamps. In addition, the explosion-proof strong light flashlight using LED light source is also due to its excellent energy-saving and environmental protection advantages and high-efficiency light-emitting characteristics.

Petroleum, which is an important energy source, needs to pay special attention to explosion-proof measures in the process of petroleum exploitation. Because petroleum itself is a flammable and explosive raw material. Petroleum mining still needs to be carried out day and night. The day is good, but the demand for lighting at night is undoubtedly a just-needed existence. The lighting tools used in the petroleum industry are quite strict. So what are the advantages of using an LED explosion-proof flashlight to work in this environment?

In the petroleum industry, LED explosion-proof glare flashlights must meet the following harsh conditions:

The LED explosion-proof flashlight works at an altitude of not more than 2000m;

The explosion-proof LED flashlight must be able to operate normally at an ambient temperature of -20~+40℃;

The relative humidity of the surrounding air when the ambient temperature is +25℃ is not more than 98%.

The LED explosion-proof flashlight meets the requirements of Class II T1~T6 explosive gas environment, and can work safely in Zone 1 and Zone 2;

LED explosion-proof strong light flashlights need to work in places where there is no insulating gas and steam and no damage to the metal;

The LED explosion-proof flashlight works in a place where there is no significant impact, vibration and shaking;

The LED explosion-proof flashlight can be used in an environment with a pollution level of 3;

The installation category that LED explosion-proof flashlights must meet is Class II.

Structural features of LED explosion-proof glare flashlight:

LED explosion-proof flashlight executive standard: GB3836.1~2-2010, Q/HH 001-2011.

The shell material used in the LED explosion-proof strong light flashlight is aluminum alloy shell, and the surface is high-voltage electrostatic spray, which has the functions of waterproof, drop-proof, dust-proof, and anti-corrosion. The exposed firmware, the transparent part adopts toughened glass that can withstand high-voltage shocks. The lamp cavity structure needs to be designed to be explosion-proof. At the same time, the light source cavity and the wiring cavity, the driver installation convenience, and the electrical performance are reliable; the high-quality aluminum reflector is used to improve the efficiency of the lamp.

Transportation and storage of LED explosion-proof flashlight:

In the process of transportation, the explosion-proof LED flashlight should be considered to prevent impact or strong vibration.

LED explosion-proof glare flashlight in warehouses with air circulation, no dripping water and liquid invasion, ambient temperature not higher than +40℃, not lower than -25℃, and air relative humidity not more than 98% (+25℃)

The surrounding environment of explosion-proof flashlights should not contain corrosive gases that can damage metals and their insulation.

The above is the reason why people in the petroleum industry love LED explosion-proof flashlights. LED explosion-proof flashlights can enable workers working in the oil exploration industry such as offshore drilling platforms to be competent for oil and gas exploration in an explosive gas environment. This is also the main reason why petroleum people love led explosion-proof flashlights.