xenon hunting lights

Update:05 Nov 2018

Helium hunting light Xenon hunting lights are filled in […]

Helium hunting light

Xenon hunting lights are filled in a UV-cut UV-resistant quartz glass tube filled with a variety of chemical gases, most of which are Xenon and iodide, and then passed through a booster (Ballast). The dc voltage of the volt is instantaneously boosted to a voltage of 23,000 volts, and the helium electrons in the quartz tube are excited by the high-voltage amplitude to generate a hunting light for the light source between the two electrodes.

Use of Xenon hunting lights

Although the name is a hunting light, its use is very wide: marine ship lighting, home viewing guards, security patrols, criminal investigations, factory floor emergency lighting, field operations, hunting, etc.!

The convenience of this lamp is that any 12V power supply for cars, motorcycles and ships can be used. However, it must be noted that it cannot be directly connected to the generator. Because of the unstable current, the ballast is easily damaged.