Portable & Rechargeable Task Led Lighting Manufacturers

This category is our most core series. It has been updated over four generations. Lucoh first adopt the feature of detachable battery in luminaires. It solves the problem that the lifespain of rechargeable floodlight is limited by the battery's lifespain. And such feature also offer more longer working time for floodlight, what you need is just prepare another one battery.
In order to meet different demandings, we have two detachable battery series. One is a small capacity battery, less than 40Wh,we called small battery. There is 5W,10W,20W,40W rechargeable led floodlight for optional. Another one is big capacity battery, over 100wh, we called big battery. There is 8hrs to 16hrs working time of one or two battery powered 20W and 40W for optional.
For all this catagory, we adopt the optical lens. The advantage of optical lens is that it makes perfect beam circle and have no yellow border. At the same time maximize to use all the light beam.
The fifth generation is under developing now, it will come with brand new appearance and system. Should be launched in one or two years. Let's looking forward together!